Welcome to a new Health & Wellbeing Experience. One where you feel comfortable and invited to not just be a part of our members only club, but be a part of our family. We’re motivated by making our members happy, whether that’s reaching your goals, providing you with some peace and tranquility or helping you to get fitter, healthier and make friends whilst you try something new. Our Health and Fitness Membership will give you unlimited access to our gym, swimming pool and extensive timetable of group exercise classes, including virtual. It’s not just a gym membership you’ll get, you’ll be entitled to a host of perks.

Fitness Services offers a dedicated members area, created to support the ongoing fitness and lifestyle objectives of members.

With such a wide range of options available, Fitness Services offers dynamic navigation to ensure customers can book programmes and access information quickly and efficiently.

This website is intended to ensure each visitor receives the most positive experience on the site whether their visit is to explore, book or buy a product. We hope you enjoy the website; however we are always looking to improve the browsing experience and welcome feedback from customers.

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